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Kendale has bred champion rough and smooth collies and shelties for over 30 years.

Kendale Perm Reg'd was established in 1976 with the acquisition of our foundation bitch Scotland's Sunkist Lass.

"Lass" descended mainly from Sovereign lines. Our first litter was between Lass and a dog of Brandwyne/Parader lines, and so our direction evolved from this first litter of three, all of who finished their confirmation titles.

Over the past 33 years, we have achieved many awards and firsts. Over 150 Canadian/American titles have been accomplished by our dogs, and they have been utilized in many pedigrees.

We have strived to present a sound, healthly Collie with type and balance according to the standard. While our collies and shelties speak for themselves in the conformation and working categories, the happy and treasured addition they become to their families is nearest and dearest to the heart. From the calls and letters of delight from new owners, to the tearful calls from those who have just lost their treasured friend. The happiness of our companion owners' is the most gratifying aspect of our journey.

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February 28, 2016


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Diane Biggar
Brockville Area, ON
(613) 926-5784 
E-mail : info@kendalecollies.com